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re-life Linen and Clothing protect our human body

polypropylene fibers are not attacked by bacteria or micro-organisms;
they are also moth-proof and rot-proof and are inherently resistant to the growth of mildew and mold

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it prevents problems caused by dermatitis, irritations and allergies
Reduces abrasion
No color fade

dry and breathable

decreases the amount of fluid that remains in contact with the skin for the low value of the coefficient of absorption of liquids

stain resistant

the yarn is hydrophobic does not bind with other substancestains the stains are removed with delicate washing

Ecological information

Low co2 for production and use, long life, 100% Recyclable,
bring benefits for both the environment and the economy.

  • Fashion

    Equivalent Look and feel traditional textile.
    Is the lightest fibre existing in nature, stable for color and size

  • Sport

    Thanks to the capacity of to expel humidity and transpiration, offer absolute comfort and high performance in terms of controlled wearability and water repellence

  • Hotel

    Against the spread of bacteria, and are inherently resistant to the growth of mildew and mold

  • Health

    PP is antimicrobial textiles, represent a valuable measure to prevent textiles from being a vehicle for transfer of microorganisms. Lint free

  • Anti-mite

    completely prevented mite penetration. Inhibit the growth of house dust mites thus limiting or eliminating a cause of allergy

  • Thermal

    Have excellent isolative properties in apparel, and combined with its hydrophobic nature keeps wearer dry and warm

polypropylene textile

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