Italian, highest quality apparel, healthy, ethical with make a strong contribution to a more environmentally sustainable.

Brand Identity

re-life turns ideas and research into high technology fashion for protection and comfort of textile materials and garments


re-life pp fabric are not attacked by bacteria, fungal or mite, represent a valuable measure to prevent textiles from being a vehicle for transfer of microorganisms


the color is inside thehe fibre and not fade, more or less ealstic textile without elastan, no chemical additive


for every moment of life, equivalent look to traditional fabric,light cotton hand, soft and dry

Microfiber multifilament yarn ensure rapid transfer of moisture through the tissue and therefore breathability. Ten times more than polyester and 300 of the wool.

Thermal properties makes optimal microclimatic conditions, both for the heat and cold.









sustainable fashion

Sustainable development, Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations

abrasion resistance

is good is superior to that of other fibers

The high standard of mechanical performance and abrasion resistance prevents pilling.

stable for color and size

dimensions do not alter when wet.

it's better than traditional fibers. The color is embedded in the fiber itself does not fade

stain resistant

quick Drying

easily washed away because of textile hydrophobic properties

re-life sport

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The unique characteristics of re-life allow them to make a strong contribution to a more environmentally sustainable. Minimizes the environmental and social impact. Low co2 for production and use, no water, no land, no chemicals additives, longer lifecycle, 100% Recyclable