Circular economy

new and truly sustainable fabrics, completely recyclable, free from toxic substances. Dyed without polluting, solid dyes do not disperse in water.

sustainable textile

Health protection

Regarding the improvement of the quality of life, Respectlife's textiles are able to meet the needs of risk reduction (antibacterial, anti-Viral, anti-odor, hypoallergenic, anti UV, etc.) and with active functions such as body thermoregulation and rapid moisture transfer.

R&D made in Italy

Research and clinical trials with the San Matteo Hospital Foundation in Pavia. and National Innovation Centre for Ageing Newcastle University.
Italian players agree on the production of yarn, fabrics and clothing, the result of basic research.
Progress Tech Tranfer an investment fund specialized in sustainable technologies from research of Italian public research organizations.

WaL Respectlife's fabric, developed thanks to scientific and technological knowledge. Fabrics created not only to satisfy the aesthetic side, but also to offer a strong added value in terms of functionality..

strategic vision projected towards ever wider horizons

protection understood as a premise for a sense of total well-being, from external agents, from atmospheric conditions, from viruses and bacteria and from everything that can' put at risk our health and the environment


protects operators and patients from bacterial and viral infections. The absence of biocides avoids bacterial resistance.


interest of 67% of companies in the introduction of innovative materials and sustainability.


breathable, dry and light, free for odors.


hygienic, anti-mite, completely hypoallergenic linen, easy to wash and does not iron.


resistant to dirt that is easily removed with delicate washing. The continuous yarn does not release fibers.


soft, smooth completely hypoallergenic respects the skin, resistant to tears and wear.