Infection Protection

Respectlife antibacterial textiles play an important role
in the infectious diseases transmission

Best Skincare

Respectlife clothes for Caring Skin
designed for people with sensitive skin

Respect for the World

Industrial production with very low environmental impact
fully recyclable.


  • Antimicrobial Textile Play an Important Role in Reducing Infections Transmissions.
    The hygienic choice of clothing

without sweat bad smell out


  • hypoallergenic, soft, light and comfortable your own skin

breathability and thermal insulation properties leave
the body dry
and high thermal protection.

Environmental protection

  • Respectlife is free of chemicals, waste and scraps

through careful development analysis


clean, health and responsible wear as possible



Clothing allergy or textile contact dermatitis is common for many

  • Respectlife raw material

is hypoallergenic and was historically demonstrated compatibility with living cells, tissues, organs or systems, it seemed not to be related to risk of injury, toxicity or rejection by the immune system.

  • It is commonly used in surgery inside the human body for its characteristics of
  • resistance, inertia and biocompatibility.


Several factors can cause infections such as inadequate hand and environmental hygiene conditions, in addition, the fabrics used in dressing and clothing are a vehicle for the transmission of infections with direct contact and by spreading lint.

Antimicrobial textiles have attracted a great deal of interest in recent years due to their

potential for reducing the transmission of infection,

for textile antimicrobial agents, different chemical have been used, unfortunately for these products, recent studies have found many health and environmental problems.

  • Respectlife, intrinsically antibacterial, is the easy solution for prevent spread of infectious
  • preventing the adhesion of bacteria, without bacterial mutations


Respectlife has created its own multi-fiber yarn, containing a multitude of extremely continuous filaments fine, with high mechanical properties, excellent resilience, softness and absence of hairiness, OEKO-TEX 100 class I compliant and REACH colors.

  • The textile is soft and breathable
  • Ensures rapid moisture transfer
  • More insulating than wool, lighter than other fibers

Eco friendly

Pollution is a form of economic waste, which implies the unnecessary, inefficient or incomplete use of resources Michael R. Porter, 1995

In the cyeìrcular economy materials are designed to circulate with minimal loss of quality.

manufacturing Respectlife is a process with low impact on the environment—no toxic waste, no toxic emissions, no fluorocarbons and no halogens.

  • the goods are developed to ensure reuse, remanufacturing, or recycling
  • eliminate the use of toxic chemicals
  • cut waste through careful design
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relationships between textile practice and research

for health protection and environmental respect


Circular Fashion

Take-Make-Remake model able to integrate aesthetics, ethics and responsible innovation



The only effective strategy for reducing such infections and prevent bacterial resistance is to reduce the dose of microorganisms, using safe antimicrobial technologies to maintain the highest standards of hygiene



Development of solutions that are sustainable and performing at the same time, offering the best functional and aesthetic results